Friday, 24 August 2012

Bumbling around the south of France

Hello everyone, sorry for the silence...

The past week or so has been an extremely hot journey through Marseille, Avignon, Uzez, Nimes and some little villages I forget the names and spellings of. Sleeping, eating and driving around in the van is a little claustrophobic in the heat, but it's a much easier way of traveling. Yannek drives us from place to place, while i usually have very little idea of where we're even heading to.


We've been traveling with a group of Germans, making us six, a great number for late night feasts, drinking and early morning swims to cure the hangovers and wash of the inevitable drenching of sweat which we wake up drenched in every morning.

Alex and Yannek have been pretty successful with the busking recently, allowing us a few more luxuries and everything was going fantastically until our friends car was broken into while we were swimming. Cue a few days of stress and hassle for them.

Sorry about the lousy blogging and wonky photos! xxxxx

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