Monday, 16 July 2012

Optimus Alive and a hungover trip up to Porto

Hello there,

Well I ended up going to Optimus Alive, it was a rather last minute decision as my friend Alissa contacted me when she saw that i was in Portugal and asked if i wanted to share her tent. So glad I went anyway. Snow Patrol, Justice and Mumford and Sons were fantastic, I would have paid the ticket price just to see Snow Patrol actually! The Cure put on a pretty epic three hour set, which was great but a bit tiring for my poor feet to dance for that long (am I getting old?). Strangely the Portugese dont seem to like to dance too much, so me and Alissa looked a little bit mentle. Thankfully we met up with an Irish couple, so at least there were four of us looking bonkers. Im quite used to people thinking im crazy when i start dancing anyway :)

Yesterday I had to make my way up to Porto, in order to catch my flight tonight, but an extreme lack of sleep (I ended up going out with some English guys the night before the festival too) and a slight hangover did nothing to aid my traveling abilities. To cut a long and trying story short, I ended up half an hour away from Porto, got stuck for an hour waiting for the train back and then spending an hour stopping at every tiny stop along the way. Upon arrival in Porto, my instructions werent so explanatory as I thought and I ended up trying to find my way across the city in the dark on a compass baring and the word of tramps. As I always say though, alls well that ends well!

Today Ill do a final day of exploring a new city, before I sleep in the airport tonight. Im feeling a little lost on my way back to England. I cant believe the trip is over allready, there is so much more I want to do, so many places to see and most of all, so many more people to meet. Ill be back!


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