Saturday, 30 June 2012

Off to Al Hoseima

So I haven't done too well at the whole solo traveling thing... Within 20 minutes of being in Marrakech I had found people to explore the city with and I haven't been alone since. As soon as Darren left me to travel into Spain, I got talking to some more people who are sharing the roof-top experience with me here in Chefchaouen. Now it seems that I will alter my plans again and rather than traveling up to Tangier and going across to Spain on my own tomorrow, I'll catch the night bus with them East to the Mediterranean seaside town of Al Hoseima. Again I seem to be traveling in a group of only guys, but Im pretty used to that by now. They're useful for fighting off Moroccan men anyway!


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  1. Re the offer of 100 camels (Marrakech), shouldn't it be your father who receives the offer? Love, Dad.