Sunday, 24 June 2012

Gnaoua Festival Essaouira

The past few days, ive been experiencing the finest of Africas music in the seaside town of Essaouira. Quite a big group of us who had met in Marrakech regrouped for the festival, so ive been partying with them every night. Safety in numbers has been quite useful as the festival attracts oppertunist pick pockets and some guy attempted to rip my bag off me on the first night. Other than that ive been having a fantastic time. Some of our friends are a bit older and have been treating us to the perks of a stable income. I dont really like to accept too many drinks, but they said they they would rather have us all with them and pay for everyone. Im not complaining anyway. The Gnaoua music has been incredibly fun to dance to, with the whole croud getting involved, dancing and singing along. I wished i could have understood what they were saying, but it sounded very soulful.

The group split up this morning and Darren and I continue to Fez alone. Ill try and keep you a little more updated.


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